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Can Breaking a Sweat Boost Desire, Arousal and Satisfaction?

Did you know there is a proven link between sex and exercise? Exercise allows the brain to produce endorphins that stimulate the release of sex hormones. A growing body of research suggests that exercise appears to be a “natural Viagra” for men. Exercise is associated with a lower risk of erectile problems. According to Health.com, [...]

Facing Sexual Dysfunction After Years of Denial

Are You In Denial? Did you know that a recent study showed sexual dysfunction, like erectile dysfunction, is present in 1 in 4 men under the age of 40? Among those men, 48.8 percent had severe cases of ED. The condition, Peyronie’s disease was present in 8.6% of those diagnosed before age 40. The sad [...]

Gauging Your Libido…

How Low is Too Low? Libido, as known as sex drive, is a person’s desire for sex. Everyone’s sex drive will vary from person to person and between partners, and even fluctuate through the different courses of your life. Many factors will play a role in your libido levels, also, like age, stress level, relationship [...]

Dealing with Sexual Dysfunction Problems BEFORE the Age of 40!

Are You Suffering From Sexual Dysfunction Prior To Age 40? All the mass advertising we hear about male sexual dysfunction is targeted towards men over the age of 40. This is because the larger majority of males suffering from sexual dysfunction are over the age of 40. We know sexual dysfunction issues often rise as [...]

Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Male Impotence Erectile dysfunction (ED), is also known as male impotence, or the inability to achieve and/or sustain an erection both long and hard enough for sex. ED is a common male sexual dysfunction that effects 30 million men in the United States alone. Often, erectile dysfunction is treated with a prescription medication, like Viagra, [...]

When To Use Sublingual Medications

Sublingual medications - when to use? Sublingual medications are medications that work by diffusing the ingredients throughout the bloodstream by placing the medicine underneath the tongue. Oral forms of medication are ingested in liquid or pill form by swallowing. Sublingual medications for treating male sexual dysfunction are becoming increasingly popular in part due to their [...]

Options for Surgery

Say NO to Surgery for Peyronie’s Disease! We have options! An estimated 1,000 men per year are diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease in the US. That number is likely significantly higher because many men do not seek help for sexual dysfunction disorders until their condition makes sex impossible. Unfortunately, by this time it has likely effected [...]

DIY For Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

Self Treatment for PD Peyronie’s Disease, also referred to as PD, involves the development of scar tissue inside the penis. This scar tissue causes unnatural curvatures, or bending in the penis, often accompanied by pain. This can make achieving and sustaining an erection difficult. Peyronie’s disease is often self-diagnosed by common symptoms including: •Scar tissue [...]

Could Your Lifestyle Affect Testosterone?

Does your lifestyle play a role in your testosterone level? YES! Your testosterone levels can be affected by many of your day-to-day habits. Testosterone is an important hormone is your body. As a male, testosterone is the force responsible for your sex drive. If you have found yourself not wanting sex as often as you [...]

Low Testosterone

How does Low T happen? What are the symptoms, and what can you do?