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The Louisville Men’s Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky offers more treatment options than any other men's health clinic in the area. We have custom options available to help you with your ED, LowT, PE, or Peyronies Disease struggles. Call our Louisville office at 502.444.4000 to schedule your first visit today.

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction or ED can rob you of the physical joy of being with your partner. Let the expert staff at Louisville Men’s Clinic help you get it back.

Low Testosterone (LowT)

Feel tired, gaining weight, or dealing with a lack of libido? You might have Low Testosterone. Let the experts at Louisville Men’s Clinic help you get that youthful feeling back today.

Peyronies Disease

Don’t let Peyronies Disease ruin your sex life for another moment. Call the Louisville Men’s Clinic today to find out how we can help restore you to full sexual function fast.

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Noninvasive, Painless, Effective Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Available Exclusively from the Louisville Men's Clinic

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What They Say About Us

“I was going on 12 years since I had prostate surgery and hadn’t been with my wife for that amount of time as well. It was going to take another surgery for my wife and I to be intimate again. I didn’t want to do that. She asked me to go to the Louisville Men’s Clinic and we went. I had my first erection in 12 years in the doctor’s office and fortunately we found a solution that has made us both very happy. I had no idea it could be this simple. Thanks LMC.”

Mark – Anchorage, KY, Patient