The Louisville Men’s Clinic in Louisville, Kentucky is proud to be able to offer our clients the latest in men’s sexual dysfunction treatment. PulseED™ is a revolutionary new treatment that allows for a completely non-invasive approach to treating your ED, PE, LowT, and Peyronie’s disease. Call our expert staff today at 502.444.4000 to schedule your initial consultation.   

What is PulsED™?

PulseED™ is a non-invasive, low intensity procedure that uses low frequency sound waves to encourage new blood flow to the penis and genital area. Since low blood flow is the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction, PulseED™ treats the root cause, and allows you to have enhanced sexual performance and enjoyment. The treatment is painless, and yields amazing results.

The Benefits of PulseED™

Stronger ErectionsEnhanced Sensation
Increased Blood FlowLonger Lasting Results
Non-Invasive SessionsDrug & Pain Free

How PulseED™ Works

pulse ed before after

The pulsating sound waves generated by PulseED™ radial extracorporeal shock waves open existing blood vessels in the penis. This stimulates increased blood flow and even promotes the growth of new blood vessels. The result is longer-lasting, harder erections, and improved sexual performance. Another benefit of the PulseED™ treatment is the rejuvenation of older stem cells and growth factors deep in the tissue, leading to a stronger and more youthful penis.

What PulseED™ Treats

  • Erectile Dysfunction – If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you need to talk to the expert staff at Louisville Men’s Clinic today to find out how PulseED™ can help you regain the performance of your youth. You and your partner will be glad you did.
  • Peyronies Disease – The last thing sex is supposed to be is painful. That’s why PulseED™ as part of your Peyronies Disease treatment plan is so crucial. In only six sessions, you can begin to see the rejuvenating effects of this cutting edge treatment.
  • General Sexual Enhancement – Not only does PulseED™ offer a painless treatment option for some of men’s more inconvenient problems, but it can also enhance your already functional sexual relationship. No partner EVER has said no to a longer, stronger, more youthful erection from their partner.

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