Our Team

John – Patient Coordinator

Between his love of movies, GoT, and bourbon, John is a really fun person to be around. He will have you smiling during your entire visit to Louisville Men’s Clinic.

Joe – Patient Coordinator

Joe is always smiling. Whether he is hanging outside playing with his son, or watching his favorite team the Vikings, you can find him by his smile.

Guy – Patient Educator

Guy is one of our most seasoned team members. An avid golfer who enjoys his cigars and scotch, you are going to be in good hands at the Louisville Men’s Clinic.

Darrell – Patient Educator

Darrell has the biggest personality in the office, and it shows. He loves comic books (which you can tell by his tattoos) and working out at the gym.

Brandon – Marketing Director

Want to talk cars, food, or generally joke around then Brandon is your guy. He has one of the brightest personalities in the office, and he loves what he does.

Brendon – Clinical Consultant

Give this guy a cigar, a drink, and an afternoon at Churchill Downs, and Brendon may never come back. He also has a dry wit that will make anyone laugh.