Sublingual medications – when to use?

Sublingual medications are medications that work by diffusing the ingredients throughout the bloodstream by placing the medicine underneath the tongue. Oral forms of medication are ingested in liquid or pill form by swallowing. Sublingual medications for treating male sexual dysfunction are becoming increasingly popular in part due to their advantages.

Compounding Pharmacies

Compounding pharmacies can now work with you and your doctor to create or change your needed medication into a sublingual form. When you are experiencing side effects or weakened effectiveness of your medication, switching to a sublingual form should be considered. Gastroenterology effects are avoided with sublingual medications. Patients who avoid taking necessary medications due to unpleasant gastroenterology symptoms can use sublingual forms of medicine because they never go into the digestive tract. This also allows a patient to disregard special dietary instructions. Patients suffering from liver damage should consider using sublingual forms of medication. Avoiding the digestive tract means the medicine never gets metabolized by the liver. This also allows doctors to prescribe a smaller dose of medicine because none of the medicine is lost during the absorption process.

Custom formulated

In our opinion, the greatest factor in turning to sublingual medications is their ability to be custom formulated to each individual. We know that no two people’s bodies are alike, so why should the medications they put into their bodies be? Sublingual medications allow us to cater to this, providing the most effective ingredients and only the necessary amounts to be given to each patient. The Louisville Men’s Clinic exclusively offers custom formulated sublingual medications for our patients. We take the time necessary to formulate your individual medication to address your individual needs. Often times we see patients who suffer from more than one sexual dysfunction problem. Using custom formulated sublingual medication allows us the flexibility to treat all of our patients needs with less medications. We are able to custom-blend a formula for one or multiple problems you are facing, customizing the ingredients and amount to be tailored specifically for your body.

If you are experiencing symptoms or have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, Peyronie’s disease, or low testosterone the Louisville Men’s Clinic would love the opportunity to custom-blend a sublingual medication, just for you. We take the time necessary to help you get the most effective results for overcoming your male sexual dysfunction problems. We are proud of our 97% success rate for custom men’s treatments. Schedule an appointment by calling our Louisville Men’s Clinic at (502) 444-4000 or schedule online.