Does your lifestyle play a role in your testosterone level?

YES! Your testosterone levels can be affected by many of your day-to-day habits.

Testosterone is an important hormone is your body. As a male, testosterone is the force responsible for your sex drive. If you have found yourself not wanting sex as often as you once did, a decrease in testosterone production could be the cause. Normal aging is responsible for slight decreases in testosterone after the age of 30, but your lifestyle could be decreasing your testosterone levels even more.

Here’s how your daily lifestyle habits could be affecting your testosterone:
•Alcohol consumption should be limited to one to two beverages a day. A large consumption of alcohol on a regular basis disrupts the messages sent from your brain to the testes, which control testosterone production.
•A bad diet deprives your body of the protein, vitamins, and minerals needed to function properly, and increases the amounts of unhealthy fats that damage your body. Increase your intake of healthy foods like lean meats, eggs, salmon, mackerel, walnuts, almonds, avocados, and olive oil to boost your testosterone levels. Decreasing your fast food, and unhealthy fat intake can increase your testosterone levels, and help you prevent other serious health conditions.
•Lack of activity is a huge factor in low testosterone production. Cardiovascular exercises like running, jogging, swimming, and bicycling stimulate hormone production. Just a 30 minute cardio exercise routine will increase your endorphin and testosterone levels, improving your mood and sex drive. Weight lifting is another great testosterone boosting activity, that build muscle mass.
•Having bad sleep habits will take a toll on your testosterone level. Try reducing stress levels to improve bad sleep patterns.

If you want to want sex again, make changes towards developing better daily habits!
For men who are living a healthy lifestyle and still experiencing a low sex drive contact the Louisville Men’s Clinic for a more thorough examination of what maybe causing your drop in testosterone. All appointments at our men’s sexual health clinic are confidential, quick, and thorough. Schedule an appointment by calling (502) 444-4000 or schedule online. We look forward to getting you on the track to healthy sex again!