How Low is Too Low?

Libido, as known as sex drive, is a person’s desire for sex. Everyone’s sex drive will vary from person to person and between partners, and even fluctuate through the different courses of your life. Many factors will play a role in your libido levels, also, like age, stress level, relationship status, hormone levels. Libido can be affected by physical, psychological, or social factors. So with so many influences to one’s libido, how is it possible to gauge what is ‘normal’?

Knowing when low is too low…

There really is no normal range of libido. It really depends on your own personal baseline, and it is not uncommon for partners to have mismatched libidos. What causes the most concern is a significant reduction in libido from what your baseline is in general. A man who over the course of his life desires sex a few times a week, who suddenly can go weeks without having an urge, should consider himself abnormally low for his baseline. This can signify an underlying health condition, and a medical evaluation by a men’s sexual health specialist is recommended.

Top Causes of Low Libido in Men

Age- We believe age is a top cause of low libido in men, but it shouldn’t be. Aging is a factor for a reduction in libido, however, age should not automatically lead to a nonexistent sex life. Men and women can have great sexual relationships well into their golden years, health permitting. One of the common excuses we hear from patients over 50 for not seeking medical attention earlier is that they believed their low libido was a normal part of aging. If your libido is low for your baseline, age may not be to blame….seek a men’s sexual health specialist.

Medication Side Effects- Certain drugs, like blood pressure medications, antidepressants, antipsychotics, cholesterol medications, and benzodiazepines, can cause your libido to become reduced. If your libido is being effected by other medications you are taking….seek a men’s sexual health specialist. There may be alternative medications available to switch to or medications to help counterbalance the side affects you are experiencing.

Hormone Imbalances

The most common hormone imbalance that causes men to have low libido is testosterone reduction. Testosterone levels do drop some with age, but a simple blood test can determine if your testosterone levels have dropped below the normal range. Testosterone therapy can then be started to replace your lost testosterone if needed. If you are experiencing symptoms of low T, like loss of libido, weight gain, mood swings, energy loss, or a reduction is muscle mass….seek a men’s sexual health specialist.
Underlying health conditions- A reduction or loss of libido can be a sign of a dangerous health condition, like heart disease or diabetes, or another sexual dysfunction condition, like Peyronie’s disease or erectile dysfunction. Screening your health records for answers for low libido could prove lifesaving. Seek a men’s sexual health specialist!

If you are a male experiencing a drop in libido, seek a men’s sexual health specialist. Men living near Louisville, Kentucky or surrounding areas, can schedule a confidential, quick, thorough appointment today with the Louisville Men’s Clinic. Let us help you gauge your libido and get you back to a healthy sex life again. If you are typing into Google “men’s sexual health specialist near me” or “male sex doctor near me” we encourage you to call us today. Schedule an appointment by calling (502) 444-4000 or schedule online.