Did you know there is a proven link between sex and exercise?

Exercise allows the brain to produce endorphins that stimulate the release of sex hormones. A growing body of research suggests that exercise appears to be a “natural Viagra” for men. Exercise is associated with a lower risk of erectile problems. According to Health.com, “one study of sedentary middle aged men assigned to a rigorous exercise program for 9 months reported improved sexual functionality, greater sexual satisfaction and more frequent sexual activity. Researchers also found those whose fitness levels increased the most, experienced the biggest improvements in their sex lives.”

With the increase in exercise comes the improvement in blood flow.

A man gaining a greater self-image from exercise also can attribute to an improved sex life. Men who exercise may also feel more sexually desirable which can also contribute to better sex. Men have reported that incorporating strength training into their exercise regime has also improved their levels of testosterone. Strength training has been proven to increase the levels of growth hormone which contributes to spikes in testosterone.

Can over training hamper your efforts?

Physical fitness is a win-win for any man…improves your testosterone, sex drive, cardiovascular system, etc. however, some men have found that over training can have the adverse effect on their sex life. Some have found testosterone levels to actually decrease when one over trains. Our sexual health doctors at the Louisville Men’s Clinic urge men to exercise but don’t over train. Physical fitness is key to maintaining an overall healthy body whether you want to improve your sexual well-being or not. A person’s mentality is also positively affected by physical exercise as well. On the flip side, some researchers have found study participants experienced enhanced athletic performance thanks to regular sex. Participants reported that having sex prior to physical fitness helped them relax.

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